Are you envious of people who don’t have to brush their hair in the morning? Those who never complain of frizz? If you never want to use a straightener ever again, we suggest a Yuko hair straightening treatment. Japanese hair straightening changes the internal bond of human hair. To break down chemical bonds of the hair, the Yuko solution, which contains collagen, is applied the hair follicles. Once completed, your hair will not go back to its frizzy, wavy or curly form. This is the more permanent option of our straightening treatments—you will only visit the salon once regrowth begins, which is every 4-6 months. If you desire sleek, straight hair that requires minimal maintenance the Yuko treatment is for you.

How is it done?

-Special Yuko straightening solution is applied to hair, breaking down the chemical bonds to set the permanent straightening.

-A deep conditioning protein treatment that contains both keratin and silk is applied. This conditioning keeps the hair silky, soft, and shiny.

-The heat of the straightening iron bond the new hair follicles together.

-After the thermal straightening, a neutralizing solution is set in hair for 5 minutes.

-Finally, a thorough wash is performed with a blow dry, leaving you with sleek, straight hair.

What is special about Yuko?

Yuko straightening is permanent, requiring little maintenance.