Tips for a good hair up-do

Hair up do is a very popular hairstyle among women of all ages—it’s classy, polished, and instantly

brightens a woman’s face. Up-dos can vary from casual to ultra glamorous (for special occasions), but

there are some tips and tricks that remain the same. If you wondering what makes a great hair up do,

here are some tips:

  •  An up-do usually works best on straight or straightened hair. If your hair is naturally wavy or

curly, it’s best to straighten it first with brush or a flat iron, as this will smoothen and flatten the

hair’s coarse texture and will be easier to work the hair sections that way. Additionally, the end

result will look more neat and polished.

  •  An up-do shouldn’t necessarily look perfect and hard. Heavy, complex up-dos with too much

product are no longer “in”, especially when worn on casual or semi-casual occasions. An up-do

should look polished on one hand but still look natural and a bit airy at the same time—so no

need to worry about a few stray hairs or little sections being imperfect.

  •  An up-do holds best with the use of the right products, in the right amounts. To smoothen the

hair, it’s best to apply a few silicone drops or hair styling cream (after straightening it), and a bit

of hairspray sprayed approx. 10 inches away from the hair in order to make it last for hours or

until the next wash. This is because if you don’t use little to none product, the up-do won’t

hold—whereas if you use too much product, the end result will look hard and fake.


Casual up-dos like simple buns for example can be easily achieved at home, but more complex up-dos

for special occasions are best left to professional hairdressers, as they’ll know the exact steps and

products to achieve a great, professional-looking result, depending on what you want and your hair

type, length, and condition.

UP-DO Beverly Hills

Marjan has done an Up-do for a client at the M salon Beverly Hills