Men’s lowlights: Achieve that natural looking distinguished look for any gentlemen!

Highlights and lowlights are very common with women, but men too can also sport highlights and lowlights if they wish to add a touch of natural color and blend that unwanted grey hair. The natural lowlight trend has taken the hair community by storm and men can also take part in this trend that compliments any males desire’s with regarding coloring their hair for that natural look!.

So what exactly are men’s low-lights you ask?

Men’s lowlights are when color is deposited back into the hair generally around the graying areas which are commonly towards the man’s lower hairline area’s. Depending on the natural original shade of the client’s hair color we would usually go to a shade that is 1-3 shades lighter which once finished would resemble what we call a salt and pepper look.

Here are some benefits of adding men’s low-lights:

Get that natural look. If male wishes to make a natural change to their fading hair color, this look is perfect. Do

ne by a reputable salon like ours, the lowlights will blend nicely with the grey and fading hair color for a seamless and naturally radiant look.

Easy to maintain. No need to have a full hair color just to cover the gray’s. Which would have you in the salon every 3 – 4 weeks to maintain! With Lowlights depending on your hair growth you should get 6 – 8 weeks between your salon visits plus a natural looking re-growth.

Your hair color won’t turn brassy, orange or even yellow as it fades out! Like most men’s colors do.

We are proud to offer the male lowlight service amongst many other services at The M salon. Please check out some of our pictures posted to see the amazing results of natural looking colored hair for men. You owe it to yourself to have the best and most natural looking results as possible.