Imagining Color without Damage

The B3 Brazilian Builder is a new way of healthy coloring, brought to you by the Brazilian Blowout Company. Only made by their

company, not with the same effects as their other products. By adding this product to any formula (permanent, semi and Demi color, balayage, highlights and ombré/sombre/color melt, high lift, on scalp bleach, etc.) results leave your hair repaired with NO ADDED PROCESSING TIME! By reattaching bonds that are

forced apart in the

chemical process, this scientifically advanced one-step system immensely supports the structure of the hair.

In order to color your hair, you need to rip open (aka damage) the hair cuticle to deposit the color. When bleaching the hair, you are taking pigment out of the hair, sucking away protein from the cuticle, reducing integrity and strength of the strand.

Each layer of cuticle is held together by 3 CMC’s (cellular membrane complex). Over time, CMC’s lose their strength and break from stress caused by chemical processes, heat, and everyday wear and tear. B3 Brazilian Builder will deliver specifically engineered co-polymer with a high purity targeted delivery system. What the B3 Brazilian Builder will do helps to dramatically reduce breakage and prevent damage during any and all color services, prolonging color retention end vibrancy between appointments. Your hair will be left fresh, voluminous, shiny, and repaired split ends.