How to spot a good blow-dry

Why blow-dry hair style is so popular:

Nearly every woman has blow dried her hair at least once, right?? The “blow dry” is actually one of the most common hair styles spotted by women (and even a few men) worldwide and it’s usually done by a professional hair stylist or DIY at home.

It’s no wonder that it’s so popular as it’s is the no1 most versatile hairstyles of all times– A good blow dry will make you look nice and polished at any time and circumstance–whether you are at school, at work, go out, or attend a special event, a blow-dry will always be the perfect choice for making your hair look great without going overboard with fancy styles.

What makes a good blow-dry:

  • A good blow-dry will make your hair look glossy and healthy, and there will be no signs of damage. A bad blow dry will make your hair look dry and lifeless, or in extreme cases burnt. For this reason, good professional hair stylists will determine your hair’s texture and porosity to use the right products that will protect your hair from the heat and make it look smooth, healthy, and shiny. Whereas if you attempt this at home with improper products, you may end up with disappointing results.
  • A good blow-dry will make your hair straight for the most part, yet still bouncy and full of volume. What sets apart the blow-dry from other hair straightening methods e.g. flat irons, is that it smoothens your hair but it doesn’t remove its natural bounciness and volume—your hair will still feel bouncy and natural to the touch nevertheless.

There are other smaller factors that make a good blow-dry, but these are the main ones that apply to most. To get the best blow-dry, make sure that you visit a reputable hair salon or use professional hair products to get a smooth and polished finish!

Blow Dry

Blow Dry at the M salon Beverly Hills, Marjan