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Threading is a healthy, organic hair removal alternative to waxing. Without pulling of the skin, threading acts as an anti-aging remedy while simultaneously softening the skin and shaping brows. By removing hair directly from the root, threading brings circulation to the skin, promoting blood flow and collagen production, resulting on a smoother aging process. Unlike waxing, threading will not damage the skin and is the only option for sensitive areas around eyes, lips, and eyelids. While threading allows for full-face hair removal, you’re also receiving a complete exfoliant, removing the top layer of dead skin and restoring skin cells. The M Salon has 30 years of experience in threading and we guarantee you leaving with eyebrows to compliment your face shape and a refreshed face.

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Brazilian Blowout is good for: since Brazilian Blowout is a treatment, it is best for damaged hair, processed hair, frizzy, curly hair, unmanageable hair, thin and fine hair.

Your hair gets more shine, lots of body, frizz free and easy to manage.

the M salon is certified salon by Brazilian Blowout . We are also utilizing the source capture filtration system to reduce about 95% of smells during the process to ensure clean and Eco friendly environment.

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brazilian blowout

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We are not worried about Harsh Chemicals in any products we might use since we have the source capture filtration system we use .

it capture 95% of the fume right after they generate.

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The latest runway trends can take on a range of personalities, from ladylike to boho. ELLE breaks down the key looks and show you how to get the most out of each one.


Blunt bangs go from the gallery to Goa to the corner office. For a smooth foundation, spritz damp hair with heat-protective spray before blow-drying. Work a serum through the lengths, and finish with a hairspray.


 Photo: (clockwise) Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY, Emilio Pucci. Courtesy of Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY


For a tumble of soft, fluffy curls that can look sophisticated, girlish, or retro, work mousse through air-dried hair. Wrap one-inch sections around a slim curling iron—stopping a few inches from your part—then mist curls with hairspray.


Photo: (clockwise) Bottega Veneta, Bottega Veneta, Just Cavalli, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Courtesy of Bottega Veneta, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Just Cavalli


“By changing your wardrobe, you can have a completely different hair look,” says Toni & Guy global hair ambassador Mark Hampton. The secret to lasting gloss? A shine serum and styling cream cocktail applied root to tip.


Photo: (clockwise) Elie Saab, Richard Nicoll, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab. Courtesy of Elie Saab, Richard Nicoll, Giambattista Valli

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This season, color is everywhere. Fashion divas all over the world have been wearing colored eye liner. Tired of dull and boring eyes? Here are a few tips on how you can pull off colored eye liner perfectly:

1- One way to play up with color is to simply line your upper lash line with the HyperGlossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in one of the pop colors.

2- You can also match your eye liner with your eye color. If you have blue or green eyes, try the HyperGlossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in Khaki Green or Turquoise Blue.

3- If you aren’t afraid to go bold, add a dramatic effect by making thick lines of the eye liner around your eyes.

4- Add a little bit of shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes, when you’re wearing colored eye liner. Use any light shade from the Diamond Glow Eye Shadow Quads.

5- When you’re coloring your eyes bright, stick to a nude lip and subtle makeup.

There you go! 5 easy tips to see the world with colorful eyes!

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the M salon offers eyebrow threading

the M salon offers eyebrow threading

Eyes are a very beautiful part of our body and they have the power to cast a magical spell on other people! Here are a few quick makeup tricks for your eyes:

– Those dark circles under your eyes are very capable of stealing the charm away. So be sure to conceal them. Use the BB Cream for this purpose.

– Once that’s done, apply the HyperSharp Eye Liner on your upper lash line. Make sure your hand isn’t shaky. You can make a thick or thin line, depending on the kind of look you want.

– If your eyes are going to be the focus of your entire look, then use the Colossal Kajal on your lower lash line.

– Mascara is essential. If your lashes look sparse, it can ruin the entire look. So make sure you apply multiple strokes of the Volum’ Express The Falsies Mascara on your lashes, to add enough volume to them.

– Thicken those brows. Thick brows are in vogue. This can be done with the help of Colossal Kajal.

– Don’t hesitate to use eye shadow. If you’re wearing statement eyes, try the Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bold Gold or Painted Purple.

And you’re done! Go ahead and let those eyes stand out.

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From high-and-mighty to tastefully teased, this tried-and-true hairstyle found itself revamped and recharged on the fall 2013 runways. Here, we round up the latest ways to pull together this look.

1-The Sporty Pony

The Look: In a season filled with low-slung ponytails, the high-and-mighty ones at Michael Kors provided a welcome alternative. Sleek at the crown and bouncy through the lengths, the look has a strong quality to it—made all the more graphic by hairstylist Orlando Pita’s addition of black latex tape wrapped snugly around the tail’s base.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg

Get the Look: The ponytail’s position at Michael Kors was key. Pita recommended placing the base of it slightly below the crown so that it’s more “’90s and minimal.” For big-time bounce, first prep your hair with volumizing spray and blow out strands using a large round brush. Finish by blasting the hairline and crown with hairspray to minimize flyaways.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 2


The Look: The best muse for a relaxed ponytail? Models, of course! At Rachel Zoe, hairstylist Odile Gilbert cited the women she works on most often as the inspiration for this supremely chic, completely easy-to-master style.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 3

Get the Look: After drawing a middle part, loosely pull back both sides so that the hair covers your ears, and secure into a super-low ponytail. Wrap a small section of hair around the pony’s base, pin it in place, and finish by loosening a few strands around your face for a lived-in vibe.
the-m-salon post pony tail lg 4

3-The Rolling-Pin Pony

The Look: Though hairstylist Eugene Souleiman joked that this Ports 1961 design “should only be attempted by a trained hairdresser,” he admitted that this polished ponytail—which begins as a reverse French pleat—is quite effortless.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 5Get the Look: Create a low side part, and divide your hair into two sections according to the parting. Sweep one section across your forehead and secure it into a low ponytail at the nape. Fold the second section into a reverse French pleat, rolling down toward the ponytail. Merge the roll with the ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic. If needed, reinforce the roll with some hidden bobby pins.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 6

4-The Teased Tail

The Look: “I envisioned an elegant, luxurious lady who’s going out for dinner and teases her hair at the crown and puts it into this chic pony herself,” hairstylist Guido Palau said of this full-bodied style at Loewe. Even though this ponytail is inspired by an uptown girl, Guido lent it a carefree downtown edge by keeping the hair elastic uncovered.

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 7Get the Look: Working in sections, apply teasing spray to the crown and allow each section to dry completely before moving on to the next. Perfect that airy texture by backcombing your crown and dusting hair with dry shampoo. Finally, carefully gather lengths into a low ponytail, keeping the teased height at the crown intact.

5-The Barely There Ponytail

The Look: From the front, the hair at Victoria, Victoria Beckham appears loose and unfettered, but the back tells a different story. Hairstylist Anthony Turner bundled the very ends into an elastic for a “low-key yet individualized” look that has a “rebellious sense of sexiness.”

the-m-salon post pony tail lg 9Get the Look: Spray hair with a texturizer and rough-dry it using your fingers. After gathering strands into an elastic two to three inches from the ends, apply texture powder to the ponytail’s tips and the wisps around your face for a slightly disheveled appearance.
the-m-salon post pony tail lg 10

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Read more: Ponytail Hairstyles – How To Do a Ponytail – ELLE


No one-trick ponies here! Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC crafted two uber-fab options for summer. They work for a Sunday brunch or a Saturday night on the town—your clients will love the easy, effortless appeal of these upgraded ‘tails!

Messy Pony Braid
• Beginning with a smooth, shiny blowout, bring hair into a tight ponytail while smoothing out bumps with a boar bristle brush a sleek look.
• Divide the pony into three sections. Tease each section to create a messy texture, leaving the ends smooth and apply a medium hold hair spray like the Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer.
• Create a loose braid from the base of the pony to about ¾ of the way to the ends and secure with a clear elastic band. Take a ½-inch section from the loose ends and create a small tight braid. Wrap the small braid around the base of the larger braid and secure the ends under the elastic band.
• Open the braid and create that messy look by loosely pulling out strands of hair. Add a pump of Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue Oil into your hands and apply to the front and sides of hair for perfect shine.

pony2 finished_orig_large

Textured Twist Ponytail
• Spray the hair from roots to ends with a dry texturizing spray to create a grip in the hair and absorb oil.
• Divide the hair into two sections: A Mohawk section on top of the head and a tight ponytail centered at the back of the head.
• Take the Mohawk section and set four to five loose curls with a large curling iron, spraying a heat styling spray on each curl for hold.
• Once the set is ready, tease each section with a comb from roots to ends. Think high and wild – but don’t worry, you will brush this out and it will smooth. This creates the body and structure needed to hold the look.
• Lightly brush back the hair over to one side. Divide the hair in half vertically and pull one side over the other, spraying each section with a little hairspray.
• Wrap each piece around the base of your ponytail and secure with a clear plastic band under your ponytail.



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