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Imaging Color without Damage

The B3 Brazilian Builder is a new way of healthy coloring, brought to you by the Brazilian Blowout Company. Only made by their company, not with the same effects as their other products. By adding this product to any formula (permanent, semi and Demi color, balayage, highlights and ombré/sombre/color melt, high lift, on scalp bleach, etc.) results leave your hair repaired with NO ADDED PROCESSING TIME! By reattaching bonds that are forced apart in the chemical process, this scientifically advanced one-step system immensely supports the structure of the hair.

b3 brazilian bond builder

b3 brazilian bond builder

How it works.

b3 brazilian bond builder how it works

b3 brazilian bond builder how it works

In order to color your hair, you need to rip open (aka damage) the hair cuticle to deposit the color. When bleaching the hair, you are taking pigment out of the hair, sucking away protein from the cuticle, reducing integrity and strength of the strand.

Each layer of cuticle is held together by 3 CMC’s (cellular membrane complex). Over time, CMC’s lose their strength and break from stress caused by chemical processes, heat, and everyday wear and tear.
B3 Brazilian Builder will deliver specifically engineered co-polymer with a high purity targeted delivery system. What the B3 Brazilian Builder will do helps to dramatically reduce breakage and prevent damage during any and all color services, prolonging color retention end vibrancy between appointments. Your hair will be left fresh, voluminous, shiny, and repaired split ends.

b3 brazilian bond builder BEFORE

b3 brazilian bond builder BEFORE

b3 brazilian bond builder AFTER

b3 brazilian bond builder AFTER


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The M Salon is proudly adding this new service to the menu! Book your appointment today by calling 310-273-6305  Thank you



Kim Kardashian HAIR

Kim Kardashian HAIR

Hair Botox


Hair Botox process before


This new salon service is a complete hair replenisher! With a mix of Argan oil, natural collagen, keratin protein, and hyaluronic acid, Hair Botox will leave your hair with shine, texture, volume, and conditioning.















Hair Botox process Shampoo

Hair Botox process Shampoo


The ingredients of this solution are everything your hair needs to feel brand new. Argan oil fights against the effects of time, strengthening hair. The natural collagen hydrated and nourishes hair and returns it to its former glory. With adding keratin to the mix, that adds a hydrating and phylogenetic agent, maintaining and repairing the cuticle’s structure and protecting the fibers from damage caused by chemical and physical agents. The final ingredient, hyaluronic acid (deeply hydrating) retains water equivalent to thousands of times its own weight, getting rid of any dry or brittle attributes your hair might store.









Hair Botox process Solution Applied

Hair Botox process Solution Applied

How it works

This treatment is salon service and need professional to apply only, as your hair needs to be delicately prepared with a high alkaline shampoo, opening your cuticle. The oils and acidic base of the treatment is then applied in careful sections on the most vulnerable parts of your hair. The application will then fill you cuticle back with all the nutrients you need for shiny, voluminous , healthy hair!












Hair Botox process After

Hair Botox process After

To maintain

You need to use Sulfate free shampoo and Sulfate free conditioner

Results will last accordingly to how often you wash your hair. A month is guaranteed if you treat your hair well! You’ve never had a hair treatment as restorative as this.
This service is available at The M Salon, make you appointment today! (310)273-6305

In honor of Earth Month, Aveda is raising funds to protest the Earth and its people. Since 1999, Aveda has raised $38 million to help support organizations directly affecting environmental support. For this Earth month Aveda is donating 100% of the purchase price of our limited edition Light the Way candles to Global Greengrants Fund for water projects in over 70 countries. This candle has a rich and spicy aroma of organic vanilla and cinnamon, grown in the Madagascar, with the glass made completely from recycled bottles. Protect what you love.


Threading at the M salon

Threading is a healthy, organic hair removal alternative to waxing. Without pulling of the skin, threading acts as an anti-aging remedy while simultaneously softening the skin and shaping brows. By removing hair directly from the root, threading brings circulation to the skin, promoting blood flow and collagen production, resulting on a smoother aging process. Unlike waxing, threading will not damage the skin and is the only option for sensitive areas around eyes, lips, and eyelids. While threading allows for full-face hair removal, you’re also receiving a complete exfoliant, removing the top layer of dead skin and restoring skin cells. The M Salon has 30 years of experience in threading and we guarantee you leaving with eyebrows to compliment your face shape and a refreshed face.

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Book your Brazilian Blowout in month of October for only $179.00 and get FREE shampoo and conditioner.

Brazilian Blowout is good for: since Brazilian Blowout is a treatment, it is best for damaged hair, processed hair, frizzy, curly hair, unmanageable hair, thin and fine hair.

Your hair gets more shine, lots of body, frizz free and easy to manage.

the M salon is certified salon by Brazilian Blowout . We are also utilizing the source capture filtration system to reduce about 95% of smells during the process to ensure clean and Eco friendly environment.

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brazilian blowout

brazilian blowout deal for October

We are not worried about Harsh Chemicals in any products we might use since we have the source capture filtration system we use .

it capture 95% of the fume right after they generate.

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The latest runway trends can take on a range of personalities, from ladylike to boho. ELLE breaks down the key looks and show you how to get the most out of each one.


Blunt bangs go from the gallery to Goa to the corner office. For a smooth foundation, spritz damp hair with heat-protective spray before blow-drying. Work a serum through the lengths, and finish with a hairspray.


 Photo: (clockwise) Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY, Emilio Pucci. Courtesy of Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, DKNY


For a tumble of soft, fluffy curls that can look sophisticated, girlish, or retro, work mousse through air-dried hair. Wrap one-inch sections around a slim curling iron—stopping a few inches from your part—then mist curls with hairspray.


Photo: (clockwise) Bottega Veneta, Bottega Veneta, Just Cavalli, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Courtesy of Bottega Veneta, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Just Cavalli


“By changing your wardrobe, you can have a completely different hair look,” says Toni & Guy global hair ambassador Mark Hampton. The secret to lasting gloss? A shine serum and styling cream cocktail applied root to tip.


Photo: (clockwise) Elie Saab, Richard Nicoll, Giambattista Valli, Elie Saab. Courtesy of Elie Saab, Richard Nicoll, Giambattista Valli

This article is courtesy of ELLE website

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